Planning Commission Applications

The following pending applications are made available here because they have been deemed to be of broad public interest.  This is not a comprehensive list of all applications that have been submitted for Planning Commission consideration.



  • Bolton, Inc.:  Special Permit (SPP 16-000188) application, at Tax Map Key 7-5-017:044

    This application has been withdrawn.



If you would like to provide comments on these applications you may send an email to:

Contested Case Hearing Assistance

The University of Hawai‘i has created a guidebook to assist those involved in a contested case hearing before an administrative agency in Hawai‘i.  This guidebook provides a general overview of the contested case process in Hawai‘i, but you should refer to the Planning Commission’s Rule 4 (Contested Case Procedure) for specific information about how the Hawai‘i County Planning Commission conducts contested case hearings.

UH Contested Case Hearing Guidebook:

Planning Commission Rule 4 (Contested Case Procedure):