Community Planning

ku images haunaunauCommunity Development Plans (CDP) translate broad General Plan goals, policies, and standards into implementation actions as they apply to specific geographical regions around the Island.  CDPs are also intended to serve as a forum for community input into land-use, delivery of government services, and any other matters relating to the planning area.

The Community Development Plan (CDP) Information Web Site offers access to information on plan progress, public meetings, Steering Committee agendas and minutes, and much more. Also visit the Boards and Committees pages for more specific information regarding the Puna and Hāmākua CDPs.

EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 is a Community-Based Vision and Living Action Plan. A project begun in 2004, EDH2025 is a grassroots visioning process that inspired our community by guiding revitalization and future sustainability efforts in Downtown Hilo. Here is an excerpt from the Overarching Vision statement:

  • “Downtown Hilo in 2025 is synonymous with the spirit of Aloha, a community that celebrates its unique character, rich heritage, generational values, and vision for the future. Our hometown, Downtown Hilo, is a welcoming neighborhood like no other – a wonderful place to live, work, and play.” is a new website for implementing the EnVision Downtown Hilo 2025 Plan.  It provides our community an opportunity to share ideas and participate in a poll to help establish priorities for Downtown Hilo projects.  Please visit, register, and share your ideas for implementation. You will be able to ‘like’ an entry, provide comments, and submit new entries. Our first Campaign deadline was December 31, 2011.  Entries that received at least 60 ‘likes’ by that date will receive a feasibility assessment. Please register at to view and comment on the proposals your community would like to see for Hilo’s downtown district. Mahalo!

Planning Director’s Letter to the Puna CDP Steering Committee
This pdf document is a letter written by former Hawaii County Planning Director, Chris Yuen, to the Puna CDP Steering Committee on November 13, 2006.