Resources & References

hilo orchidsHawai‘i Land Use Regulatory System
A simplified explanation of Hawai‘i’s complex system of land use regulation.

Shoreline Public Access Brochure
Digital brochure of public shoreline access on the Big Island.

TMK Maps
Tax Map Key (TMK) maps by District (1=Puna, 2=S. Hilo, 3=N. Hilo, etc.)

Zone Maps
Definitions of zoning designations with maps showing zoning boundaries.

Subdivision Maps
Approved subdivision plan maps.

Special Management Area
The Special Management Area (SMA) is the area that is in close proximity to the shoreline, which has implications for development above and beyond those of other parts of the island. This page provides information and resources concerning the SMA.

Planning Department and Planning Commission Rules
Scope of Responsibilities | Procedures

Hawai‘i County Code
Including:  Subdivision Code (Chap.23) |Zoning Code (Chap.25) |  Public Access Code (Chap.34)

Permitted Uses Table
A quick-reference guide to the allowable uses of land within the various zoning district designations.

Building Setback Requirements for Residential and Agricultural Districts
Buildings on your property must maintain minimum setbacks from the property borders.

Planning Department Forms
Planning Dept Forms in Word.doc and PDF; check here for any forms you need for Ohana Dwellings, Additional Farm Dwellings, Variance Applications, and much more.

Accessible Parking Standards
Please be aware that Accessible Parking Spaces shall be constructed in accordance with all current Federal and State standards and requirements.  Recently, both the Federal and State standards have been amended.  In order for the County to be in compliance with the new requirements, we are currently in the process of amending the standards listed in Hawai‘i County Code, Zoning, Chapter 25-4-55 .  In the interim, the links below will take you to the Disability and Communications Access Board website for determining current Federal and State requirements for stalls, access aisle, striping, signage, and loading zone.  These links are provided by the County for public education and information purposes. Additional resources may be available on their website. The Planning Department makes no representation as to completeness or currentness.

US Army Corps of Engineers Permit Application
Projects involving work in the aquatic environment, including tidal areas and other wetlands, are subject to review by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).  Follow the above link to the USACE website, which provides access to the permit application.

Contested Case Hearing Assistance
The University of Hawai‘i has created a guidebook to assist those involved in a contested case hearing before an administrative agency in Hawai‘i.  This guidebook provides a general overview of the contested case process in Hawai‘i, but you should refer to the Planning Commission’s Rule 4 (Contested Case Procedure) for specific information about how the Hawai‘i County Planning Commission conducts contested case hearings.

UH Contested Case Hearing Guidebook:

Planning Commission Rule 4 (Contested Case Procedure):

Professional Services Providers
List of qualified providers of professional services to the Planning Department.
2014-15 Professional Services Qualified List (pdf)
2013-14 Professional Services Qualified List (text) pdf icon
2012-13 Professional Services Qualified List (text) pdf icon
2011-12 Professional Services Qualified List (text) pdf icon

Fair Share Annual Report
Mitigation of the potential regional impacts caused by development, with respect to parks and recreation, fire, police, solid waste disposal facilities, and roads.

pdf icon2012-2013 Fair Share Annual Report
pdf icon2011-2012 Fair Share Annual Report
pdf icon2010-2011 Fair Share Annual Report
2009-2010 Fair Share Annual Reportpdf icon